Tuborg South district plan 


The project is a master plan for developing the southern part of Tuborg’s former industrial areas in Hellerup, planned to accommodate approximately 330 housings. 

The new development consists of a series of housing enclaves in a landscape of terrain formations, forming a recreational tidal meadow. 

The new development is designed with a strong variation in building heights, giving the site a characteristic skyline and strengthening the experience of living with a direct view of the Øresund coast.

An architectural language of projections, cantilevers, and protrusions creates varied light- and shadow effects and a distinctive, sculptural façade. 

An elegant tower block is located on the outermost point and form - as the distinctive landmark – the area’s characteristic end by the water. Roads are accessed from respectively north and south with parking built into the landscape’s topography. 

The Master Plan forms the basis of the Municipality of Gentofte’s district plan of the area. 

Project facts:

Tuborg Syd, Hellerup

Floor area:
53.950 m²

Carlsberg Ejendomme A/S