‘Telakkaranta’, Helsinki

A centrally located former shipyard area by the harbour of Helsinki is about to be converted into a contemporary, diverse and vibrant urban area with housing, businesses, cultural institutions and maritime activities. 

The project respects and carries on the cultural historic and architectural values of the area, characterized by the shipyard building’s simple shapes and heavy, rustic tile brickwork, the distinctive uprising appearance of the cranes and the direct, industrial material world of the harbor. 

A few of the historic buildings are preserved and changed into new types of facilities or are integrated into new building structures. The area is densified with new development in an open structure, forming logical, transparent links to the city behind it, and varied urban spaces in the area itself. 

The new buildings mirror the historic ones with concise archetypical shapes and facades of brick held in dark, warm nuances of color. The structure varies in height and scale, conveying the scale projection in a nuanced manner – all the way from the dense city, to the ocean’s open horizon. 

The asymmetrical roof shapes give the complex a characterful, unified profile towards the sky, and favours the daylight conditions in the dense complex. 

The composition furthermore meets the desire of making the area accessible and inviting from the center of the city, and ensures a visual connection between city and harbor instead of creating a barrier between them. 

The vision is that ’Telakkaranta’, as one of the few places in the city, will be able to use its location at the waterfront to become the city’s new gathering point for cultural, commercial and recreational activity. 

An underground car park reaching through the entire site ensures ample capacity. Thus the terrain along the quayside becomes usable for staying outside and for pedestrian traffic. Furthermore, the area is linked to a promenade along with the harbour in a larger scale. 


Telakkakatu, Helsinki, Finland

45.300 m2

City of Helsinki / Skanska Finland

1st prize won in invited competition 2011.
Municipality and local process plan is in process until 2015.