The project involves the renovation of Sorø Art Museum’s listed property by the city’s main street, along with an extension with new rooms for changeable exhibitions and for the museum’s collection of modern art.

Furthermore the extension houses rooms for the school service, a lecture hall, café and shop with the purpose of opening up the museum and making it a cultural centre in the local environment.

The new facility mirrors the historic buildings and adds a larger wing and a middle building, in a composition which surrounds the museum’s courtyard and creates a harmonic balance between old and new.

The ground floor houses storerooms and a new exhibition hall projecting below the ground, and draws daylight from the skylights in the museum courtyard.

The simple shapes of the new building are covered with specially developed tile shells in dialogue with the traditional masonry, yet still adding the material a new stature and an eventful play of colours ranging from red and ochre to slate grey.

The interior presents with surfaces and details in a rustic, industrial appearance, chosen with the purpose of promoting the experience of the museum as a vibrant workshop and place to be.

At the same time this choice of interior has made it possible to realise the building of the complex facility within a tight budget. 


Storgade 9, 4180 Sorø

Renovation 810 m² / new building 1.420 m²

Sorø Art Museum

Alectia A/S

1st prize won in invited competition, 2009
Construction period 2010-12

Awarding of prizes:
Sorø Conservation Society 2011
RIBA European Award 2013