Sophus Berendsen LAUNDRY

The complex is the first in a new generation of industrial laundries, based on an optimal balance between an effective production process and an open, team-based working environment. 

The building’s arrangement is a logical reflection of the production process with receiving along the east façade, work lines in the central area, and out-going deliveries along the west façade, marked by super graphics on the large sliding doors. 

A gallery level houses personnel facilities, administration and management, which is always in close visual and physical contact with production. 

The outside areas are, just like the building, arranged with consideration for the environment. Extra earth from the construction process has been utilized on site in earth sculptures, and wastewater is cleaned for re-use on site in the landscape. The facades are of colored concrete and galvanized steel panels.


True Møllevej 3, Tilst, Mundelstrup

Berendsen Textil Service A/S

Crone & Koch Rådgivende Ingeniører A/S

Landscape Architect:
Torben Schønherr

1998 - 1999

Awarding of prizes:
Municipality of Aarhus 1999