Svendborg chp plant

Svendborg CHP plant is located on top of a ridge. With its large proportions it is visible from most parts of the city and the surrounding, open landscape. 

The plant consists of a waste incineration facility, a natural gas-fired engine plant and an administration and personnel section, set out as three separate building volumes.

These are joined around a courtyard from where all functions of the plant are operated. 

In order to visually unify the complex and tone down its very large scale, the concrete facades and sinus sheets are in dark colours and the large glass sections are equally sized. 

Project facts:

Bodøvej 5, Svendborg

11.000 m2

Municipality of Svendborg

Rambøll / COWI Joint Venture

Landscape Architect:
Torben Schønherr

1st prize in design contest 1996
Construction period 1997-1999