Sorø kunstmuseum modtog WAN Award i kategorien Innovative Product 2014 / by Nicolai Richter-Friis

Uddrag fra dommerudtalelse

"It was a hard decision to pick the winner but the judges all came to the conclusion after lengthy discussion that Petersen Cover by Petersen Tegl would be worthy of this accolade in the façade sub-category. Petersen Cover is a new building product that bestows a distinctive and modern look, whilst retaining all the familiar advantages of traditional brick. Due to the structure of the handmade brick, façades and roofs look beautiful, rustic and exclusive when covered with the new product. Brendon Moss was particularly taken with Petersen Cover “This is how bricks should be made; this is a beautiful handmade product. I would use this”. Sarah Williams also thought this product was one to watch and commented: “Architects will love this, this is beautiful."