/ by Fie Lindholm


Breaking ground at Tuborg Syd

With the breaking ground at Tuborg Syd an important step has been taken in realizing the vision for one of Denmark’s most attractive sites. The journey from former industrial site to a large, natural resort has begun with residential units embedded in the periphery of the landscape, fitted in where it makes the most sense in relation to the lush salt meadow being established here.

Tuborg Syd is set to become an entirely new quarter in the municipality of Gentofte, intimately connected to the sea and close to Copenhagen City. It will become a place where landscape and residences form part of one coherent nature experience.

The residences are set to be built with the objective of a robust beauty that will stand the test of time. The coast line is softened and made accessible, the distinctive daylight found by the sea is drawn inside while nature will be integrated into buildings through roof gardens and climbing plants. The materials play on textures and colors found in the Danish substratum and by the seaboard. Large continuous brick wall panels shift to become plastered walls indoors, borrowing their mineral texture and hue from the burnt crust of the bricks. Living in Tuborg Syd, indoor and outdoor life form part of the same nature experience. For people already living in the area, the lush salt meadow will offer a new refuge.

The vision is to create residences with a long life-span and a built-in flexibility that will allow people to accommodate their homes to changing life situations over time. All utilities are embedded in the flooring thereby making it possible to adjust the wall panels to tailor the layouts according to need. This approach creates residences that will stand the test of time.

The project comes to a total of 323 residences with a BUA of 53,500 m2 and a landscape of 100,000 m2. Tuborg Syd is realized in close collaboration with the municipality of Gentofte, Danica Pension, Agenda Property, Julie Kirkegaard Landscape, COWI, MOE and NCC.