’Louiselund’, Kokkedal Vest

’Louiselund’ contains 171 elderly- and care residences plus a central building, housing the municipality of Hørsholm’s complete rehabilitation and health promoting activities for elderly care. 

The new elderly care campus lies gently in the landscape – a beautifully located south-west facing hillside near Kokkedal Castle and Rungsted forest – accommodating the slope of the terrain. 

The building complex is in 1-3 storeys and is arranged in three main groups around a recreational ‘village street’; The care center establishes an anchoring spine to the north, while the care residencies – like fingers – reach down the south facing hillside, and the elderly residences punctuate the composition to the east as series of point-houses, taking advantage of views toward the castle and the open landscape. 

Short distances, comprehensible connections and compact spatial sequences, take the staff’s need for effective working procedures into account, and at the same time secure the residents a safe and varied housing environment in the care residency itself, and in the different common areas. Plus, everywhere is filled with generous daylight and overlooks the surroundings. 

It has been highly prioritized that the movement between the privacy and calmness of the care residences, the communities’ different residence- and gathering points and the nature outside, takes place in simple, easily perceived transitions, with the aim of toning down the institutional feel and creating a worthy setting for people who have always been in charge of their own lives, living in their own homes. 

The buildings appear with facades of light, yellow tiles and sections of windows and doors in teak, which combined give the houses a visual lightness and connect them with the surrounding landscape. 

Earthfasts in the wall surface gives relief and shading, brings out the texture of the tiles and adds a close scale detailing, toning down the weight of the buildings even more. 

The buildings themselves create transitions from the wild meadow to the cultivated garden and street, and across this laciniated structure, naturally treaded paths cross in the tall grass. 


Louiselund 9, 3970 Hørsholm

16.000 m²

Hørsholm Kommune / DAB


Landscape Architect:
Marianne Levinsen

1st prize won in invited design contest, 2010
Construction period 2011-12

Awarding of prizes:
Municipality of Hørsholm 2013