Kvæsthusmolen ‘The Kvæsthus Pier’ is a comprehensive plan for upgrading the urban spaces around The Royal Danish Theatre’s Playhouse, from the tip of the pier, across the promenade all the way to Nyhavn. 

The project consists of an underground car park in 3 floors, the conversion of the Kvæsthus pier into a multifunctional urban space, and the processing of the pier’s edges towards the harbor in the entire area.

The car park relieves the streets in the area and sets new standards for underground parking with its high ceilings, transparency and daylight reaching into all three levels via a grand atrium, connecting the facility with the urban space above.

The large square on the pier is a coherent, even area in its full length. Large squares coated with dark grooved concrete, step down in the north and disappear under the water level. 

The square is equipped with smaller pavilions, containing a café, scenes, ticket sales for the harbour tours, entrance to the car park and a fly tower for outdoor plays, concerts and other kinds of performance. Furthermore the square is arranged with the possibility for installing big screens, temporary covers, and is equipped with gear for various street- and beach sports. 

The harbour itself is made accessible via stairs and jetties in multiple locations. “The kissing stairs” in the inner dock at the foot of Sankt Anne square, is a wooden construction as wide as the dock, built across a rainwater vessel, able to absorb up to 9 million liters of water in case of heavy cloudbursts in the urban area. 

The project is based on the experience gained from ‘Ofelia Beach’ – an experiment where the spot was temporarily decorated and used for various purposes in the urban space during the summer semester. The experiment was carried out during a three year period to test and develop the idea of creating an innovative urban space - and was a huge success.


Sankt Annæ Plads 36, 1250 København K

Car park 17.800 m2/500 parking spaces
Urban space: 16.000 m2

Kvæsthusselskabet A/S


Traffic advisor:

Landscape architect:
Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects / Julie Kierkegaard

Artistic advisor:
Finn Reinbothe

Under construction 2013-15