the guiding light: Al Manara

the guiding light: Al Manara

The concept of Al Manara is rooted in the nature of Oman and in the interpre-tation of the site where the Cornice meets the sea.

Al Manara is a landmark raised on this outermost point of the public prome-nade that connects the twin cities of Mutrah and Old Muscat.

As a gesture to the people of Oman, Al Manara will be a gathering symbol that offers a place for recreation and contemplation.

The vision for al Manara is to create a gathering symbol for everyone, regard-less of age, gender, and cultural or social background. Our hope is that Al Manara will become a beacon for the people of Oman to gather and to inter-act.

Al Manara can become a public space, a human institution that stems from the inspiration to learn, the inspiration to meet, and the inspiration of well-being.

The theme of monumentality is reflected in the scale of the building, while the exposed location on the rim of the shoreline will ensure an exposure and a visibility that is worthy of a national monument.

The monument is shaped by the marvels of the nature of Oman, by the eternal qualities of geometry and organic growth, and by the sensory values of light and music, movement and topography.

In other words, timeless values, rather than transitory statements of its specific time have inspired the shaping of Al Manara. In this way we hope that the Al Manara will connect with the underlying values of Omani society, and become a guiding light for the future development and prosperity of Oman.

Project Facts

  • Address: Oman, muscat
  • Year: 2011
  • Area: 12000
  • Samarbejdspartner: Gehl Architects
  • Client: Muscat Municipality
  • Engineer: COWI
  • Competition: 1st prize
  • Status: In progress