Tietgen Dormitory

Tietgen Dormitory

The principle inspiration for the project is the meeting of the collective and the individual, a characteristic inherent to the dormitory building type.

The simple circular form of the Tietgen Dormitory is an urban response to the context, providing a bold architectural statement in the newly planned area. The building's circular form - symbol of equality and the communal - is contrasted by projecting volumes expressing the individual residences.

The upper levels are organized with 360 residence units along the perimeter and the communal functions are oriented toward the inner courtyard. Facilities common to the entire dormitory are grouped at ground level.

The apartments are set at differing depths in an alternating rhythm, which expresses the individual's unique identity through its form and gives the exterior form of the building it's characteristic, crystalline expression and neutralises the possibly monumental shape of the cylindrical space.

The apartment groups' communal spaces are formed correspondingly. They stand out as dramatically protruding building masses that face the middle of the courtyard - the centre-point of the entire form.

The dormitory's facade of copper alloy panels is complemented by a glass partition and sliding screen profile system of oiled american oak. The building's interior is characterized by an exposed concrete structure and plywood clad partitions. Poured magnesia flooring and acoustic ceilings of expanded metal are used throughout the dormitory.

  • 24hours at Tietgen dormitory

Project Facts

  • Address: Rued Langgårdsvej 10-18, DK-2300 Copenhagen S
  • Year: 2006
  • Area: 26.800 m² / 288,000 ft²
  • Number of flats: 360
  • Client: Fonden Tietgenkollegiet
  • Client Advisor: Niras A/S, Hasløv & Kjærsgaard and Freja Ejendomme
  • Photographer: Jens Lindhe, Lundgaard & Tranberg
  • Engineer: COWI A/S
  • Competition: 2002 - 1st prize
  • Contact info: info@tietgenkollegiet.dk
  • Art consultant: Aggebo & Henriksen
  • Landscape: Marianne Levinsen A/S + Henrik Jørgensen A/S
  • Prizes: The association for preserving the beauty of the Capital City,
    Diploma 2005
    The Wood Award 2006
    Copenhagen Municipality 2006
    Concrete Element Prize 2007
    RIBA European Award 2007