’Culture Casbah’, Rosengård, Malmö

Rosengård is a centrally located part of Malmö, mainly consisting of apartment buildings built in the 60’s and 70’s, laid out in the typically open block structures of the period with completely separate transport systems.

The area houses approximately 24.000 residents, predominantly of foreign origin and, with a very large concentration of young people under 25. 

The Culture Casbah is a large-scale urban development project which aims to give the neighborhood some much needed positive identity, improving the architectural and social cohesion in the area, awakening Rosengård’s untapped potential as an attractive, complex and vibrant urban area in the middle of Malmö. 

The area is densified by new construction, varying in scale and form spanning from terrace houses, blocks of flats and tower blocks, to an actual 22 storey high-rise.

This results in a varied selection of new property types- and sizes, aiming to increase the number of residents and the social dynamic, plus achieve a more varied demographic composition in the area. 

The new development centers on the main street of the area, ‘Rosengårdstråket’, which will be converted into an articulated urban promenade, forming various spaces, plus adding some needed variation and a comprehensible urban hierarchy to the rigid city plan. The promenade gives some coherence to the area and act as a catalyst: It weaves in between the existing buildings, adding new types of buildings, new urban hybrids and eventful scale projections. 

Commercial leasing of varying size, combined with flexible rental terms, supports a vibrant environment of shopping and entrepreneurial activity, contributing to additional activity and energy around the main street. 

The present, outdated traffic structure of the area will be changed with the aim of creating peaceful co-existence between vulnerable and aggressive road users, and strengthening the connection to the nearby city. All types of traffic veins will be joined in the area which will naturally lead to increased traffic, hereby strengthening initiatives to increase social, commercial and cultural activity in, and around, the outdoor areas. 

At the intersection of Rosengårdsstråket and Västra Kattarpsvägen where Rosengårdsstråket meets the bypass road, the Rosengård Tower rises as a symbol of diversity and openness. The tower is a vertical continuation of the promenade, rising as a small, winding street in a mountain town with steps, small squares, public functions and a view of Malmö. 

Project facts:

Rosengården, Malmø

18.725 m2 above ground


1st prize won in invited competition 2012. 

Structural design underway 

Awarding of prizes:
MIPIM Award, Best Futura Project 2013