Charlotte garden apartments

The Charlotte Garden Apartments are built at the ‘cryolite site’ on Strandboulevarden in Copenhagen, and at the first stage consists of 178 rental apartments. 

The development is shaped as an open block in five-to six storeys, surrounding a very large garden space. The apartments are lit from both sides and equipped with bay windows and balconies, while the ground floor apartments have elevated terraces with a view of the city and Øresund. 

The location in central Østerbro has inspired the architecture, characterized by calm, heavy building volumes, forming the background to a varied interaction between light and shadow, textural contrasts and characterful details. 

The characteristic tiles of the brickwork in changing, dark colours have been specially developed for the building in collaboration between architect, developer and tileworks.
The second stage of the Charlotte Gardens consists of 44 furnished hotel apartments, a service centre with fitness, swimming pool, conference facilities, café and restaurant, plus a child care centre. The service centre in the courtyard area is kept in one high storey while the two tower-houses containing the hotel apartments are in eight storeys. 

Materials and architectural instruments are recurring from the first stage, and unify the entire development texturally and shape-wise as a homogenous whole around the fertile garden space. 

Project facts:

Strandboulevarden 76-88 / Hjørringgade 12 C, København Ø

29.360 m²

Number of residences:

Harald Simonsens Ejendomskontor

Erik Petersen A/S

Landscape Architect:
Henrik Jørgensen / SLA

2001 / 2004

Awarding of prizes:
Municipality of Copenhagen 2002