CBS ’wedge’

The assignment involves both the structural plan for the future complete expansion of the campus at Copenhagen Business School at Frederiksberg, and a project for the first stage of the expansion: A new faculty building.

A longitudinal connection of paths and an overall architectural concept with concentrated tree plantings are the principal elements of the Master Plan where new buildings are established as compact, separate volumes.

‘The Wedge’ has received its name and shape from the geometry of the building plot. The building consists of a softly shaped substructure, merging the building with the surrounding landscape at ground level, and here above a sharply cut four storey superstructure.

A shell shaped atrium is the building’s ventricle, giving access to all functions of the building plus making room for arrangements, breaks and informal meetings.

The auditorium of the school is built into the embankments of the landscape with access from the central space, while study rooms, offices and meeting rooms are placed along the glass facades of the superstructure with access from balconies around the atrium.

The superstructure’s exterior is characterized by rotatable shutters made of respectively copper, oak wood and frosted glass giving a varying expression of the façade and of the daylight climate, depending on the season, weather conditions, time of day, and use of the house.

The indoor climate of the building is adjusted by using natural ventilation, based on the thermal buoyancy in the atrium and on specially developed, automatically controlled slides, built into the shelving walls of the house. 

Project fact:

Kilevej 14, Frederiksberg

10.700 m²

Copenhagen Business School

Client consultant:

Niras A/S

Landscape architect:
Marianne Levinsen A/S + Algren & Bruun

1st prize won in competition 2002, construction period 2004-05

Awarding of prizes:
RIBA European Award 2006
The municipality of Frederiksberg 2006