Axeltorv 2

The estate Axeltorv 2 - currently under construction at the site of the former entertainment center ‘National Scala’ - mainly contains offices, along with a number of shops, cafes and restaurants meant to populate and activate the square and urban area.

The building consists of five fused, circular ‘towers’ of different heights: A composition relating to the entire complex scale and character of the urban area, giving the house a unique architectural identity in the overall impression of the location. 

Contrary to previous development at the site, the house is not combined with the neighboring properties but lies freely at Axel Square with access from all sides, in this way freeing itself entirely from the city block’s direction-fixed, closed structures. 

The goal is to recreate Axel Square’s kinship with the network of parks and urban areas, reminiscent of the historic ramparts of Copenhagen which even today encircle the city centre, reaching from the citadel, across Østre anlæg park, Botanical Garden and H.C. Ørsteds park to Jarmers Square and Tivoli’s gardens. 

The horizontal and vertical ‘Brise Soleil’ of the building is an architectural main point. The shading adds depth and relief to the voluminous building, in addition to shielding from the sun and providing shelter from the wind around the curved tombac covered facades. 

Stairs, elevators, secondary rooms and technical shafts are grouped as cores in the center of the circular curves, leaving the floorage along the winding facades free to establish open workspaces, cellular offices, meeting and quiet rooms of various sizes, along with the desired ground level functions directed at the audience. 

Project facts:

Axeltorv 2, København K

23.000 m2 above ground / 14.500 m2 below ground

NORDEN Ejendomme / ATP Ejendomme


Artistic advisor:
Finn Reinbothe

Under construction 2013-16