Axel Towers


The five circular towers are an entirely new type of building ensemble in Copenhagen. Playful like neighboring Tivoli Gardens, robust enough to anchor a bustling part of town and generous in the spaces they offer people in and around them


Axel Towers is situated where the medieval city center meets the block developments of Vesterbro, where the Circus Building, towering Axelborg and Arne Jacobsen’s SAS Hotel all demand their own space – just opposite Tivoli, which has provided the city with dreams, joy and magic for more than 150 years.

Anchoring a fast-paced city
In and around the five towers the promise of an open and generous building unfolds. The composition of partly intertwined towers breaks free from the block. Without front or back, Axel Towers can be reached from all corners while serving as an anchor in a fast-paced part of the city.

The towers draw circles like the pirouettes still performed at Tivoli’s old pantomime theatre or reminiscent of the round watchtowers which used to graze the ramparts of Copenhagen. Axel Towers is rooted in historical Copenhagen while enriching a contemporary public life.

The cluster of towers forms undulating interspaces that open the building towards the city with broad seating steps and an elevated square that draws public life into the heart of the building. At noon precisely, the sun reaches the square, offering everybody a calm space for a break. From up here Copenhagen reveals itself from a new angle.

On the ground floor, restaurants, cafés and shops offer themselves to the public. Office spaces with views of the city are located behind the rich copper-colored facades and brise soleil reliefs. The circular facades provide the work spaces with an abundance of daylight.

Stairways, lifts and technical installations are placed in the tower cores freeing space for large, attractive workspaces along the facades. This has led to new opportunities for workspace organization for the law firm Gorrissen Federspiel, Axel Towers’ main tenant.


Axeltorv 2, Copenhagen V, Denmark

23.000 m² above ground / 17.500 m² below ground

ATP Real Estate / PFA Ejendomme / Industriens Pension


Artistic advisor
Finn Reinbothe

2013 - 2017

Awards and honours
2018 The building prize, the Municipality of Copenhagen
2018 The audience prize, the Municipality of Copenhagen
2017 The Society for the Embellishment of the Capital Diploma